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Puglia is one of the best regions in Europe to build your Dream House because of two main reasons:

1. It is a very culturally rich and beautiful part of Europe where the good life and great food go hand in hand. It is also a very unspoiled authentic region without the over-busy feeling of some of the French and Spanish coastline.

2. it is a part of Europe where there is a very good relationship between the costs to build a house and the rental income a house can generate.

On average the rental income is more than 10% of the investment cost to buy the land and build the house or villa. In a normal scenario, it will take about 6 years to double the cash you put into the investment. In other words; you can become the owner of your Italian Dream House while realizing a high return investment opportunity. In the attached Investment Analysis you will see an example of such an opportunity. If you actually want to rent out your new house is of course up to you. Creative Partners can assist you in organizing the rental if you decide you want to do this.

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